Cell type gene expression markers

This is a list of gene expression markers are used to define cell types. Green rows indicate canonical markers (classical markers used to define the cell type).

Summary: 7014 associations (154 cell types, 4254 gene symbols, 28 tissues); Last updated: 19/02/2019 18:01:34 CET


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Gene expression markers for Cholinergic neurons

Species Official gene symbol UI Sensitivity Marker count Cell type Germ layer Organ Aliases Product description Disease Action
Mm Hs ACHE 0.018 0 5 Cholinergic neurons Ectoderm Brain YT acetylcholinesterase (Cartwright blood group) Yflag
Mm Hs SLC18A3 0.003 0 2 Cholinergic neurons Ectoderm Brain VACHT solute carrier family 18 member A3 flag
Mm Hs CHAT 0.001 0 4 Cholinergic neurons Ectoderm Brain choline O-acetyltransferase Yflag

Datasets with computationally identified Cholinergic neurons

No data identified with this cell type.