SRA SRA742961
SRS SRS3565203
SRR SRR7545338
Species Homo sapiens
Sample (strain, genotype, etc.)
Protocol 10x chromium
Instrument NextSeq 500
Full-length mRNA-seq No
Number of cells 6,453
Number of exp. genes 30,027 (median number of expressed genes per cell=1498)
Number of clusters 10
Tissue Prostate
Cell line (Y/N) No
Primary adult tissue (Y/N) Yes
Target cell population
Metadata (raw) source_name=Viable human prostate "other" epithelia|phenotype=OE|facs ab profile=Via-/CD326+/CD26-/PDPN-/PSCA+|;GSM3293881: D27PrTzF_OE; Homo sapiens; RNA-Seq
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Putative cell types Basal cells, Cholangiocytes, Ductal cells, Luminal epithelial cells list all
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× Gene not found. It could be because it has no detectable expression or the gene does not exist.