Merkel Cell Carcinoma
SRA SRA749327
SRS SRS3693909
SRR SRR7722938
Species Homo sapiens
Sample (strain, genotype, etc.)
Tumor Yes
Protocol 10x chromium
Instrument Illumina HiSeq 2500
Read length (bp)
Single or paired-end PAIRED
Full-length mRNA-seq No
Number of cells 5,627
Number of exp. genes 28,552 (median number of expressed genes per cell=1272)
Number of clusters 13
Tissue Merkel Cell Carcinoma
Cell line (Y/N) No
Primary adult tissue (Y/N) No
Target cell population
Metadata (raw) source_name=Tumor|tissue=Merkel Cell Carcinoma Tumor|time point=Day+615|chromium index=SI-GA-A3|;GSM3330560: Tumor Disc AR; Homo sapiens; RNA-Seq
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× Gene not found. It could be because it has no detectable expression or the gene does not exist.