What is this database?

PanglaoDB is a database for the scientific community interested in exploration of single cell RNA sequencing experiments from mouse and human. We collect and integrate data from multiple studies and present them through a unified framework. A manuscript is currently in preparation where the database and its technical details will be described.

Usage examples

What is single cell RNA sequencing?

Adapted from the Wikipedia article on the topic: Single cell RNA sequencing examines the transcriptomes from individual cells with optimized next generation sequencing technologies, providing a higher resolution of gene expression and a better understanding of the function of an individual cell in the context of its microenvironment.

Database statistics
Mus musculus Homo sapiens
Samples 702160
Tissues 12948
Cells 3,009,379573,017
Clusters 7,3611,305
Dataset of the day
Take a closer look at the cellular composition of Retina, using a dataset which consists of 2630 cells. Clustering of this dataset resulted in 8 cell clusters, containing among others, Photoreceptor cells.